Our Services


We will do a top-quality edit of your manuscript; design an attractive, eye-catching cover and interior. We will print your book and provide you with 25 books at no extra charge. You will be able to purchase whatever quantity of books your desire for 50 percent off the retail price.

We use a process known as “POD” (Print on Demand) so while we don’t warehouse large quantities of your book, we are able to print whatever quantity you need and you will usually receive them in three weeks or less.

$900 plus applicable taxes



This package includes all the services of the Basic Package but we will provide you with 50 copies of your book.  Plus we will send press releases to publications and bookstores informing them of the publication of your book.  This book will be available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

$1400 plus applicable taxes



This package includes all the services of the Silver Package but we will publish your book as a hardcover and paperback editions.

$1800 plus applicable taxes



Please contact us at info@threshingsledgepress.com about any of these packages.  We prefer to receive manuscripts by email.  It usually takes us about 90 days to prepare a book for publication—from acceptance to editing, to design, to printing, and shipping.  The most time-consuming part is the editing and design and many times when it comes to our books.