Things You Should Know About Publishing Your Book

So you’ve written a manuscript and you think it’s pretty good. You know that the topic is one that’s needed and that people would buy it. But you can’t seem to get any traditional royalty publisher to even consider it.

It used to be that almost any writer worth his or her salt was able to submit a manuscript to a publisher and within two or three months either get at least a review and rejection or a thorough evaluation offering good suggestions for ways of rewriting the work, or acceptance of the manuscript for publication.  Now, unless you have an agent or are willing to pay to have your book published, nine times out of ten, it’s not going to happen. 

So what’s a beginning “no-name” writer to do?

There are small presses who have capitalized on this very restrictive publishing field and created an open door for first-time authors by either accepting their manuscripts for publication or using the method used by a self-publisher to get a writing project to print.  This is where Threshing Sledge Press comes in.

First, a self-publisher author is one who pays to have his or her manuscript designed into a book, printed and distributed. Self-published books are the property of the author and all proceeds from the sale of the book belong to the author.

Second, a small press will often use the same methods used by self-publishers, namely “Print On Demand” printing process to produce books. However, they will pay the author a royalty for the sale of their books. The difference is that only books sold through the press or on websites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo.ca, will be paid a royalty. Books purchased directly by the author for sale doesn’t include a royalty.

Threshing Sledge Press will pay a royalty on books sold by them of between 10-15 percent, based on the retail price of the book).  If you choose to self-publish through Threshing Sledge Press, using our imprint, you will pay a fee (between $500-1500) and all the proceeds from the sale of your book will be yours.

Using the POD printing method, Threshing Sledge Press can print as few as two books and as many as a thousand or more. This means that books are printed when they are ordered so there is no requirement for books to be stored in a warehouse.  If the author chooses to pay for a large quantity, books would be shipped to the author’s address and would be responsible to sell or distribute as he or she chooses.

If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing Info@threshingsledgepress.com